How can we help you?

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Why should I choose Clarusway?

Learning new skills can feel daunting. We understand and support our students every step of the way – at every skill level! With our innovative program, learning support is built-in. By design, practical hands-on activities enhance classroom instruction for maximum impact. Meaningful learning is essential for mastery – we unlock the key to your complete understanding of the material!

We understand your busy life! We realize most of our students will be juggling numerous obligations. We’ve tailored our curriculum to flatten the learning curve. We prepare our students for dream careers in just 6-8 months! Manage your studies and meet your mentor around your busy schedule. We’re ready to coach you through the process!

Do I need to have prior coding and IT experience?

No coding experience or IT background is necessary to enroll! Our courses are tailored to provide a comprehensive learning experience from beginner to intermediate level knowledge. We uniquely tailor your learning journey to meet YOU where you’re currently at. We coach you to the finish line to earn a well-paying dream job in IT!

How much time does your program take each week?

During the program, plan to allocate at least 16-20 hours a week for classroom work and additional projects. Personal discipline, time management, and adequate preparation are the keys to ANY life goals. Are you ready to level up?

Will this program give me enough experience to land an IT job?

Our unique curriculum provides a variety of real-world projects and workshops in addition to interactive classroom time. By the end of our Clarusway program, you will be poised to walk into any interview with confidence. Our goal is to prepare you to ace your interviews and help you negotiate the best compensation package to match your skillset. We will help you launch your career because we truly care about your personal success. There’s no better satisfaction for our team than seeing our graduates earn promotions and excel in their careers! When you work hard to earn the role of a trusted and dependable team member in a corporate IT environment, it’s an incredible feeling!

What are the tools I need before starting courses ?

You need to have a smartphone, a laptop with a minimum of 8 GB of RAM, i5 processor, Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu, and an extra monitor. Instructional materials through the Learning Management System (LMS) are included when you send the enrollment deposit.

What kind of coaching do you provide?

We provide both Career Coaching and Life Coaching!

Life Coaching helps you build successful habits. Our personal improvement program and motivational support will keep your confidence level high and maintain steady progress. With our focused approach, we work hard to fill in the learning gaps and help you improve in all aspects of the curriculum. Daily follow-up is a great way to stay on track! We’re committed to your learning journey!

Career Coaching is an important part of our program. We set up meetings with industry professionals to share knowledge and best practices. We help you prepare a compelling resume that stands out, we prepare for interviews, and teach you how to negotiate your salary.

Is there a selection process or prerequisite before starting the program?

No, you will not be required to pass a technical elimination process to qualify. There will be a simple assessment of your communication skills. From beginner to advanced, all skill levels are welcome!