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Smart Matching Tool

Best Guide for Newcomers

Smart Matching Tool is an ArtificiaI Intelligence (AI) based application that brings the volunteered mentors with newcomers together by matchmaking based on academically developed criteria, to provide guidance and coaching for adapting to the new social environment.

It’s VERY EASY to make a right choice with SMT;

  • Save Hours
  • Save Resources
  • Data Analysis
  • ML Prediction
  • ML Ranking
  • Perfect Match
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Asylum Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) under grant agreement No:957978.

App Features

022 networking

Gathering Data

All available and relevant data

049 upload 1

Preparing Data

Transferring the raw data for AI model
003 network

Model Implementation

Choosing the most suitable model

045 share

Model Training

ML Algorithms

040 networking


Testing against the real world

043 network

Model Deployment

via ML Ops pipeline on the cloud

Secure and Safe


Full compliance with GDPR

Using AES-256 Encryption

Different encryption for each data entry


Success With SMT

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Reduce Risk

Find details of activities in the city


Improve Efficiencies

Use the app in several different languages

Use Data

by Local Authorities


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Smart Application